GLYMM Box Excitement

Here is one of my last Glymm boxes from a month or so ago. Still indulging in these and still
thinking they are totally worth it for the price. See my old post here for more details.

It included the follwing:
Juicy Bamboo cleansing clothes:
I actually really like these and would consider buying a pack for summer camping or those nights when you feel lazy and don't want to take your make up off.

Burt's Bees Lotion:
Having always had a soft spot for their products since they are so natural and have been around since I was a pre-teen..this lotion was kind of disappointing. The texture was just 'meh' and the scent was double 'meh'.

Anastasia's Clear Eyebrow Liquid:
Totally would have never bought this product, but I am AMAZED at how well it shapes the brows. I feel like you can comb them up and over and you instantly look more awake and vibrant. Love it!

Cargo Eye Pencil - Black
Haven't actually opened this yet, but funny enough I have one already (that I and it's pretty good. I will just keep this one for when my other runs out. Ps. Pretty sure I paid at least $14 so that alone made up for the box price.

Vasanti Brightening Cream
This looks still needs to be used.

RMS lip color/conditioner:
This was a bonus product I received because I have ordered for a few months. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.. So smooth and just a touch of pretty color (see photo). Plus all the ingredients are organic. Definitely could see myself buying again.

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