Valentine's Day Candy Quiz

So you consider yourself a candy connoisseur? Or perhaps a Valentine's Day wiseacre?

Put your money where your mouth is and take this cool quiz that we came across on the James Beard Foundation website. Compare your results with your significant other...bragging rights will be on the line ; )

Test your knowledge with these questions from the February/March 2011 issue of James Beard Fouindation Notes. Read on for the questions featured and more. Once you think you've got them solved, click through for the answers and your Eat-Q score.

1. At least ten new sayings are introduced on conversation hearts each 
year. Which of these is not a recent addition?
A. “Yeah Right”
B. “What-eva”
C. “Call Home”

D. “Puppy Love”

2. Hershey’s Kisses are so named because:

A. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac.
B. The noise the machines make to extrude the chocolate during manufacturing resembles a smooch.

C. Milton Hershey invented the candy as a Valentine’s Day gift for his wife.

D. The foil wrapper was originally printed with a design of lips.

3. Which chocolate company hit upon the idea of increasing sales of 
Valentine’s Day chocolate by packaging its chocolates in the 
world’s first heart-shaped candy box?

A. Milton Hershey
B. Richard Cadbury
C. Henri Nestlé
D. Normaine Ritter

4. Although the phrase actually refers to a funeral bouquet, 
the line “Sweets to the sweet,” from this Shakespearean play, is 
often used to promote Valentine’s Day candy:

A. Hamlet
B. Romeo and Juliet
C. Macbeth
D. Twelfth Night

5. Every year, this television game show includes questions about 
conversation hearts on its Valentine’s Day-themed episode:

A. Cash Cab
B. Wheel of Fortune
C. Trivial Pursuit

D. Jeopardy

6. True or False: More candy is purchased on Valentine’s Day than on Halloween
A. True
B. False

7. Before WWI, conversation hearts were also made in all of the following shapes EXCEPT:

A. Tophats
B. Horseshoes
C. Watches
D. Baseballs

8. How many heart-shaped boxes of chocolate were sold last year?

A. 5 million
B. 14 million
C. 36 million
D. 52 million

9. Production for conversation hearts runs for 11 months of the year, though they are available in stores for approximately this long each year:

A. Year-round
B. Six months
C. Three months
D. Six weeks

10. Which group receives the most Valentine’s Day candy and gifts?

A. Children
B. Mothers/Wives
C. Fathers/Husbands
D. Pets

Think you've got the right answers? CLICK HERE TO CHECK YOUR SCORE.

PS - Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Mark –   – (February 14, 2012 at 8:21 AM)  

I got a solid 9 out of 10!

...and by 9, I actually mean 5 ;)

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