Alphabet Letter Signs: How our spare time is spent!

Above Photo says SCOTT from Another Frame of Mind

Just in case you are wondering why I don't blog everyday :)... well it is because of a little side shop that the hubby and I run. We use Etsy to showcase our framed Alphabet Letter Photography. Now you are thinking...what does this mean? Alphabet sounds like they are decorating kids rooms. Not quite (though we can do that also).

Basically, we take some amazing photos of things in architecture/nature that look like letters but aren't actually letters. These are black and white photos and we spell out names. It can be any last name, first name, or really any word at all. Most often our framed images are purchased as an unique gift for a wedding present (we even can send it straight to the couple with a card!). They are also wonderful because you can personalize the print with the couples first names and wedding date. you know where all our time goes. We started in November of 2010 and have now done over 300 orders! We never ever ever expected to have such is a lot of hard work but great to apply our creative energy to something. Sometimes we meet the most amazing clients and I am thinking it would be great to feature their stories and finished piece...we will see what happens. Our shop name is Another Frame of Mind.

Here are some crazy pics from Christmas when we had a rush of about three orders a day. This may sound easy, but when you have to do proofs for clients, send orders to the lab for printing, pick up those orders, and then package the whole she-bang so it ships perfectly. Things get a little nuts. Lets just say that we are used to having a huge bag of peanuts and about ten frames sitting in our living room at any given time. Oh..and did I forget to mention that we live in about 600 sq. ft.!!!

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