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{Instagram via my Iphone : Pic of Mark working on our magnets}

This is proof that we often spend our evening and weekends painting little half It is a lot of fun though.. and I can definitely say that I am WAY more up-to-date on current movies and tv shows. And if you know me, I am always behind on movies.

Behind as in... 'I still haven't seen the last few Star Wars and Lord of Rings' kind of behind.

The embarrassing kind of

But all that is changing now that I paint animals every evening ;)

I'm not sure if these have become a standard everywhere, but in Canada we now have these little kiosks in Safeway (a supermarket) and 7-11. They are super handy, only $2 a night, and they even have new releases. Actually, now that I think of it, I remember seeing a kiosk like this in Seattle YEARS ago, so they are probably super common in the States. Anyways, now that all the movie rental stores have closed, it is handy to have these nearby when you want a better quality movie (not some sketchy download).

Enjoy your weekend :)

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