Local Eats & Local Treats: Nero Waffles

Nero Belgium Waffles {My Iphone}
If you have ever tried an authentic Belgium Waffle then you know exactly what I mean.

These waffles are so good. Really they should be outlawed. Especially because I have been trying to eat super healthy lately. But how could I resist the above?? And at least I shared it with the husband :)

This is a tiny little storefront and they have super cute wood paneling throughout the store. The owners are an adorable couple (at least they seemed like a couple..lol) who have recently moved here from Antwerp, Belgium (see map below). Their decor is rustic and original ...to the point of even looking vintage. And I was so happy to see a shelf in the corner that featured one of my all-time favorite board games: SETTLERS OF CATAN. That is a whole 'nother subject and I will not digress today.

They serve two types: Liege and another type I didn't bother to try because the Liege looked AMAZING! ..and let me tell you it was.

Fluffy, and chewy, and sort of caramalized on top. So good!
And with the nutella served in the cute side bowl with banana and ice cream.

It is definitely worth trying... a bit pricey but worth it for homemade goodness served at Nero Waffles on Robson Street (near the McDonalds).  Actually, funny story about that. The husband wanted an ice cream cone from McD's and as I waited outside I was reading the Nero menu board. I actually went into McD's, grabbed him from the line-up, scolded him for wanting corporate junk and said he must eat waffles instead :)

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