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Last weekend I attended 'High Tea' at a beautiful new tea house called Adorabelle in Steveston. High Tea seems to be such a trend now. To be honest, I had never really heard of it until attending one at a Fairmont Hotel last year. It was a lot of fun... a bit stiff ...but sort of addicting at the same time.

You definitely get into the girly vibe and wear your most pretty spring dress. It was especially great because around twenty ladies/girls were invited, so there was a ton of laughter and new faces. We were split up at separate tables and I preffered this layout so that we were able to chat a bit more easily.

And really, the food. That's what it is all about right? Oh yah, and Tea. I LOVE devonshire cream. How was I never introduced to this before??? I feel like my parents failed in some way ;) The scones were all baked in house, and very lovely. There was also a lemony custard that I have never seen at other tea places. It was good, but not worth it compared to my sweet, sweet devonshire.

And look at how lovely they had our napkins folded ...as pretty pink roses! The tea I chose was a glorious herbal robois flavour (I don't have much caffeine usually). And of course our hostesses left us with a parting gift of some yummy jelly bellies...because we weren't already spoiled enough.

I also snuck in a scary elevatore photo of me while I was rushing not to be late ;)

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