Most memorable meals out in 2011 - Vij's

Memorable dining experiences.

Isn’t that the goal of all chefs?

We have to eat to survive. Three meals a day x 365 = 1095 meals in a year. Point being we eat a lot of meals, and if a chef/restaurant can give you a meal/experience that stands out in your memory as a great one, they have truly done their job.

Over the next week I will be posting, in no particular order, some of my most memorable meals out in 2011.

Vij's - Our first visit to Vij's was long overdue...and I must say it definately lived up to the hype.

Oddly enough we just happened to be doing some shopping on South Granville one afternoon, our car parked right infront of the restaurant. When we got back to our car we saw a line of apx 30-40 people and realized that they would be opening for dinner in about 20 mins. Taking our chance on making the first seating we decided to get in line, and it worked out...we were seated in 20 short minutes, when the restaurant opened. For those who do not know, Vij's does not accept reservations...from anybody. (Rumour has it that once upon a time even Robin Williams had to wait for a table with everyone else). Two hour waits on weekends are not uncommon here (the food is worth every minute), and a larger dining room in their soon to be new location on Cambie Street is something exciting to look forward to in 2012.

Once inside we were welcomed with excellent service, and an ongoing variety of tasty little snacks that the kitchen was firing out until the point that our food started to arrive.

Everything we ate was perfectly executed, and delicious...I really cannot think of any criticism. If you do go, the highly touted (for good reason) wine marinated lamp popsicles in fenugreek cream curry are a MUST. Even if you don't think you like lamb or curry, I cannot imagine anyone not liking this dish.

Vij's lamp popsicles

I was recently given a copy of their newest book "Vij's at Home", and I am looking forward to trying to recreate some of those memorable flavours in my own kitchen sometime soon.

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