Happy New Year to All!

Stanley Park Seawell @ Third Beach. You can also see West Vancouver across the water.
January 1st is always a nice, calm day where you have no expectations and can go for a relaxing walk while contemplating your new resolutions. I actually am not a hardcore 'let's make crazy resolutions' type of person. But I do think it's always good to re-center your life occasionally and make sure you know what some of your goals are or the problem areas you need to fix.

ying-yang rock
Today we enjoyed a long, brisk walk down the Stanley Park Seawall from Second to Third Beach. Mark noticed an odd rock that looked like a ying yang sign. Half the rock (well almost half) was even darker then the other side...too funny!

While walking, I felt so invigorated and ready to take on some new challenges for 2012:

1. Running 5K by the end of February (I know for some this is easy...but not me!). I downloaded one of those Iphone apps called 'Couch to 5K'...lol.

2. Going to sleep earlier. This doesn't have to happen everynight, but I would atleast like it to be somewhat the norm.

3. Losing 25 lbs for health reasons (and looks..haha). This is going to be a tough one.. but I have planned my schedule out and it will include Xbox Kinetic dancing, Yoga, Cross fit, cycling at the gym, and the previously mentioned running goal. This way I won't get bored :)

4. Continuing to eat healthier and cleaner (ie. lots of veggies!/less restaurants)

5. Taking Piano lessons (and I guess buying a relatively cheap keyboard...lol).

6. Working on updating our Etsy alphabet letter photo shop and streamlining our processess.

7. Hosting a monthly craft & wine night with whoever wants to stop by. I already have a few fun ideas for this one.

8. Taking more pictures and honing my basic photography skills. Even just ordered a 85mm lens for Christmas and we are SO excited to get it. This lens will be great for portraits. PS-No judging off these photos because they are from my Iphone..hehe.

Wow! When you start making a list...it really adds up. I am also sure some of you have similar goals. Though..maybe not the piano lesson one as most people hated lessons as a kid. haha. Well, there they are..now somewhat set in stone...how scary ;)

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