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Over the next week I will be posting, in no particular order, some of my most memorable meals out in 2011.

Yesterday I wrote about a very memorable meal that we had at Vij's. Today we're switching regions all together will be talking about the deliciousness that is Nuevo Latino cuisine.

Cobre - When we saw that Cobre was taking part in Dine Out Vancouver 2011 we were quick to pounce. It was a dark and rainy January night, but we felt warm and relaxed as we enjoyed this great meal up on the second floor overlooking the wet cobblestone streets of Gastown. Between Chantelle and I, we got to try seven different dishes, and were impressed with both the flavours and presentation of all of them.

So what is "Nuevo latino"?

According to Cobre's website it’s a style of cooking that blends the passion of Argentina, with the exuberance of Cuba, the sultriness of Brazil and the joy of Mexico. Call it what you want...I call it pure flavour.

If you're looking for a great Caipirinha (aka Brazil's National cocktail), this is the place to go. The style of menu and prices are really set up to allow you to try a variety of items, yet the portion sizes were not lacking. The ceviches were good. Both the duck and rockfish tacos were sublime, I would highly recommend ordering a few different types of tacos for your table to share. The real star of the show (for me anyways...I think Chantelle preferred the scallops which were also great) and something I would call a MUST order was the maple chipotle tamarind glazed wild boar belly.

Cobre - wild boar belly

It looks amazing, right?...and it's not just a tease, it tastes equally as good.

So if you see Cobre on this years Dine Out Vancouver list again this year I would highly recommend giving it a try. Last years price of $28 for three savory courses is a steal, and a great way to try six different dishes if you dine with a friend.

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