Most memorable meals out in 2011 - C

Over the next few weeks I am posting, in no particular order, some of my most memorable meals out in 2011.

Yesterday I wrote about the deliciousness that is Nuevo Latino cuisine at Cobre. The day before it was a very memorable meal at Vij's. Today we are talking local, sustainable, and unbelievably delicious seafood at none other than...

C - The only thing better than a delicious meal, is a delicious meal that you can feel great about eating with the understanding that the ingredients were sourced as sensitively and as locally as possible.

The "c" experience begins with actively sourcing the best local ingredients produced in harmony with our commitment to fostering sustainable farming practice & advocacy.

As the founding restaurant in the Vancouver Aquarium's Ocean Wise Program, Executive Chef Robert Clark has deconstructed seafood supply lines, dealing directly with the fisherman, to ensure a product that is of the highest quality while respecting environmental sensitivities.

We were spoiled with a nine course tasting menu, as follows...
*WARNING* wou will be hungry after reading ; )

  • Wild and cultivated mushroom velouté with garlic confit and croutons
  • Charred octopus salad with frisée, bacon vinaigrette, and soft boiled egg
  • Seared scallop with crushed minted peas, veigi sauce, panchetta, and lemonade foam
  • House-smoked salmon with corn risotto and green onion relish
  • Seared albacore tuna with lyonnaise potato, zucchini ribbons, and parmesan soubise
  • Farmhouse chevre with poached pears, artisan honey, and spiced walnuts
  • Cucumber sorbet with pickled ginger and crisp basil
  • Chocolate brownie with berry chantilly and lemon curd
  • Petits fours
I could go on and on about how great each dish was, but I still would not give the meal justice.
This was my first time trying octopus. I was excited when I saw it on the menu and quite enjoyed it. 
I'm not typically a huge smoked salmon fan, but this dish with the corn risotto really won me over...the green onion relish was a huge punch of flavour and a perfect compliment to the rich and creamy risotto.
I decided to upgrade my albacore tuna course to the beef tenderloin, so Chantelle and I had a chance to taste two different protein dishes. Both were amazing.
The chevre course was presented like a work of art. It was served on a wood board, and the way each condiment was individually layed out reminded me of an artist's palette.
My favorite dish was the seared scallop. Minted peas, veigi sauce, panchetta, lemonade foam, and the scallop itself...there were a lot of strong flavours going on in this dish but they all worked beautifully together. It takes the honour of the best scallop I have ever had, so well done C!

C - seared scallop

The service was excellent. Our server described both the ingredients and preparation of each course in depth and in a friendly, unrushed manner.

Seeing that it was a tasting menu some of the portions, as expected, were small. But others were actually quite generous and after all nine courses and wine we were both full, and extremely satisfied with everything we just ate.

If you've been lucky enough to try this tasting menu or have had a memorable meal at C in general, post a comment below and share your experience!

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