Work parties are around the corner and you need smooth legs...

Of course, you might go the easy route and wax... not so easy if you dislike pain though :) Waxing is amazing, but of course there are those moments when you just don't have time and the razor becomes your best friend. I am not a crazy green person (or maybe I am?) but I try to make a conscience choice to pick 'more natural' products when I can. Natural products, to me, are things that have minimal ingredients and preferrably I don't see any long chemical names or they are at least kept to a minimum.

But, as I am sure we all know, these products don't always work the same and sometimes just plain suck. This happened first when I bought the Alba shaving cream from Whole Foods (they have a cute little section on cosmetics/hair/lotions/etc.) and it was honestly horrible. The thick cream clogged up the razor (Venus) and literally would not rinse out...and this happened after each leg stroke. Also, I purchased the Coconut-Lime and it smelled like Peppermint? ..Really? Could something meant to smell like the beach actually smell like Christmas? lol. I actually wonder if my container was a defect...that could explain a lot...but I didn't want to chance it and buy again. So two thumbs down unless someone has had a better experience.

And for the winner, I absolutely love the Kiss My Face moisture shave. They have changed the bottle recently so I am showing both in case you want to try to find it locally. I know Whole Foods carries it, but really most drugstores probably would too. This product goes on so smooth, does not clog the shaver, and you hardly need any to lather the whole leg. Kiss My Face also produces many different 'smells' and so far I really like the Pomegranate-Grapefruit. TWO THUMBS UP!!!!

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