TGIF - Beautiful-day-Friday meets woe-is-me car troubles

Stanley Park & Coal Harbour - Vancouver, BC (beautiful park near me, photo taken on Iphone)

Arrrgggh. It is one of those days! But...TGIF right?

Really it was a good day. A busy day. But a good one. I have had lots of work this week (read extra stress..haha) at work because the boss is away on vacation. This is fine because I actually like the varied work day load compared to my usual tasks as I think it's good to change things up a bit every now and then. But when Friday are definitely ready for it to be over.

So here is where it turns ugly....

I am driving home - and freezing - because of the on going saga with our car. It's a lovely car, a nice typical good car. But unfortunately we have had issues with the heater and the dealership (even though they signed papers stating they would fix it) has not been able to fix it. And it's NINE (yes nine!!) months later. We have argued, written 'official' letters while they have attempted to fix it, blah, blah, blah... but basically they finally agreed with us that it is unfixable. So I thought they would finally return it..oh no... after putting us off for this and that for another three weeks...they write us a letter stating what they are willing to do. Let's just say we do not see eye to eye ;) I guess that means I have to take them to court, which really is unfortunate and last thing I want to do. But really, how do they think that after eight times of us taking the car in and a legal document from the sale stating they must get the heater working is going to turn out??? I feel a bit better.. and my hands are starting to thaw out after being in a cold car for 45 minutes in the middle of November and 3 degree Celsius weather (trust me..this is reallllly cold). And I am having a delicious night with co-workers, wine and cheese. Things are looking up :)

Any suggestions for how I should proceed? Anyone been through a similar scenario??

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