Reel Rock Film Tour

I recently attended the (sixth annual) Reel Rock Film Tour.

I am not a climber, but I love all things adventure and really enjoyed all of the films shown. There was a bit of everything – ice climbing, big wall climbing, bouldering, speed climbing, slacklining/highlining, and even some base jumping.

One of the standout films was called “Origins: Obe and Ashima”, which is about a young climber (Ashima Shiraishi) and her coach (and former pro climber) Obe Carrion.

I was blown away by the skill and determination of Ashima Shiraishi, a nine year old girl from New York whose passion in life is climbing. At just nine years of age and barely 4’2” she is climbing difficulty levels (V11’s and V12’s!) that many pro adult climbers struggle with / cannot complete. Her lack of height and reach forces her to be creative and come up with different ways to get through these difficult climbs (because she simply cannot reach some of the holds).
    Hueco Tanks (Texas)                                                        Red River Gorge (Kentucky)

If you get a chance, check out “Origins: Obe and Ashima”. You certainly do not have to be a climber to appreciate this short film and be inspired by what Ashima is accomplishing at such a young age.

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