7 Foods Experts Won't Eat

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Ok. So I am a true believer in 'everything in moderation', so I don't want to be causing any panic here :) But, if you DO eat any of the following foods and you happen to eat them A LOT...well maybe reconsider or atleast do a bit of research first.

According to this great article I found here, they mention the following foods and my favorite part of all is that they have SOLUTIONS. It's always way easier to make gradual changes when you are given some solutions:

  • Canned Tomatoes: BPA can leach from the can into your food. Apparently this synthetic estrogen can cause obesity, diabetes and other issues.  Solution: Glass containers or tetra-paks

  • Corn-fed Beef: Cattle are meant to be herbivores, but are fed grains/soybeans to fatten them up quicker. This results in less nutrients (vitamins, potassium, omega's, etc.) because it is cheaper and quicker for the farmers & grocers. Solution: Local farmer's markets/grocers and Whole Foods usually carry this. You can also ask your butcher.

  • Microwave Popcorn: Oh no. I really like this one :( Chemicals in the lining of the bag are vaporized into your popcorn when it's heated. They can cause infertility and cancer in lab rats when ingested in higher amounts. Especially concerning is the that corporations are promising to remove these chemicals voluntarily before 2015. When they are removing them on their own... you know its not good for  you. Solution: Pop your corn in a skillet, add real butter and real seasonings.

  • Conventionally grown Potatoes (not organic): These are like sponges of the Earth and soak up herbicides, pesticides fungicides. And the scary thing is, washing your potatoes doesn't remove what has already been soaked up. Solution: Buy organic potatoes

  • Farmed Salmon: I hear a lot about this one having grown up in the Pacific Northwest. These fish are kept in tight quarters, fed things they wouldn't normally eat and get diseases. They are also pumped full of antibiotics (which we inveriably end up eating too) and apparently one major study said eating one of these once every 5 months increases your risk of cancer. Now that sounds extreme, but why bother when you can get something better. Solution: Wild caught Alaskan Salmon. (If its says Fresh Atlantic...you know it is not wild, but farmed).
--UPDATE-- Right after writing this article I heard (dimly in the background) a commercial about BC Farmed Salmon. How interesting and the timing...lol. Read here for the site, I felt that they were skipping over some of the major points and the 'facts' re-routed your thought process so you forgot the actual issue. I especially like the point "Farmed Salmon is the only way to get it fresh year round". That doesn't mean it's healthy...we shouldn't even be getting things year round if it does us no good. What do you think??

  • Milk produced with Artificial Hormones: Milk producers treat cattle with hormones to gain more product. These hormones have been banned in most industrialized countries, but still continue to be used in North America. They have not been proven to cause cancer yet, but many people question there safety. Solution: Buy rBGH/rBST-Free Milk or Organic Milk

  • Apples: Another one of my favorites. Pretty sure I have consumed 1-2 apples/day since I was five! Apples do not develop resistance to diseases so they are sprayed most often out of all fall fruits. Also, farm workers are known to have higher rates of certain cancers..which is a bit unusual, especially because they should be healthier being more active and in the sun all day. Solution: Buy organic apples, and if you cannot afford this, then wash & peel your apples.

Hopefully these little tidbits have shed some light and encouraged you to look a bit further into the whole story. I was really surprised by a few of these... like the popcorn and potatoes. We have decided (five minutes ago..haha) that we are going to try and buy apples organic. In our area they are approximately $1.59/lb and organic run anywhere between $1.50-2.50. That is not a huge difference so I might as well switch!

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