Starbucks & iPhone take over the World

This is one of those things that makes me wonder where we are going with technology. I guess it really isn't even that advanced, but it just seems weird to whip out my phone to pay for my Tall half-sweet, no water, soy Tazo Chai Latte (I know you are thinking high maintenance, but to my credit I used to work there and these things This Iphone app has been out for a few months, but I only recently downloaded to my phone. This morning during my commute, I whipped out my phone and the barista scanned it and voila..done. It really was easy and I didn't feel like I was actually spending any money ;) I do like how you can instantly see your card balance so you know when to refill...and it shows all your transactions for the card on another screen. To use this app, you need a starbucks card (or atleast put some money online with a visa/mastercard, online Starbucks account and the downloaded app. Another major benefit is the easy to use Starbucks locator map which shows your the STORE HOURS!!! This is very nice because many of the locations downtown seem to close quite early as they cater to the daytime business workers. I am a fan, but I do feel like it makes me look like a bit of an addict when I am swipping my phone on the scanner (I swear I am not!!!). Either way...its kinda nice not to have to carry so many extra cards and I really wouldn't mind of some other major retailers joined in.

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