What I learned in Vegas...

I know... I know.. you are expecting some crazy, scandalous story about what I shouldn't have done in Vegas and all my regrets! But no, when you go on the trip with your other half, it tends to cut out that whole bit :) I definitely still have a few little tricks for getting the most out of your trip as eating and playing in Vegas can ADD UP!
  1. If you don't mind having to unsubscribe later this can be a good one. Sign up for the member cards at hotels you might decide to play in. For example, the Harrah's group owns a bunch of hotels and they give you $5 free slot play and you can get other great discounts like at their buffet (see next number!). Another great one is the Cosmopolitan Hotel. You get the free card and then you can either take $10 free slot play or spin a wheel for more excitement... it's Vegas right? We both spun and Mark ended up with $5 free slot plan, but I won something super yummy: Free entry into the WICKED SPOON! Yum is all I have to say... it was voted #1 buffet in Vegas, and let me tell you, it was amazing!!
  2. Ok, so as mentioned previuosly, if you sign up for the Harrah's group card (do it online before you go to save time) you can get $5 off the Buffet of Buffet deal. Now, I know what you are thinking. Really? Why would I want to gorge myself. But here is the plan, for $45 each you have 24 hour access to any of their buffets (think Caesar's, Planet Holllywood, Paris, etc.) and you can hit up whichever, whenever you like. So you are doing your thing, and really there happens to pretty much always be a buffet near you. And, don't think unhealthy as these buffets have tons of fruit and vegetables, so we would just be picky and choosy about what we ate. How else are you going to get your fruit when travelling?
  3. Go see lots of shows! This is really the single most important thing (in my opinion) for having a great memorable time. Whether they are Cirque Du Soleil or David Copperfield or some of the small time show..just do it. If you are really concerned about the prices, I would recommend calling box offices and asking for the 'limited view seats' as they are not shown online. The prices for these seats were about the same as the Ticket Tonight prices, but in my opinion they are better seats. Usually you are quite central to the stage, but there might be a small handrail in part of your sightline. Maybe I am weird, I was so so so excited to see "O" (like-I-have-been-waiting-two-years-excited), but I ended up loving 'Ka' as my favorite show. What did you guys think??
  4. So you know the bus in Vegas, I think it's called The Deuce... just don't use it. We had so many issues and delays...that it was either quicker to walk or cheaper/faster to take a taxi. A one way ticket is $5 each, so thats $10 and you end up taking about 30 minutes at least to get a few hotels over. While a taxi was $7 for us both, and it's instantly there (no waiting) and took us the few blocks in 5 minutes. PLUS WE WERE DELIVIRED TO OUR HOTEL DOOR! You know this is amazing if you have been to the strip as at the end of the day the last thing you need is more walking...lol.
  5. Ear Planes
    And last of all, if you are flying and happen to get a cold last minute then I have a great contraption for you. If you have ever felt that crazy inner ear pain when the plane descends, then pick up some 'Ear Planes' ahead of time. They basically slow the pressure change in your ear by a little opening with a tiny ceramic ball insead. You just need to put them in before the cabin doors shut (during takeoff) and keep them on the entire time for best results. They seriously saved my life this trip! Canada/USA: Buy them @ Tilley's 
It was a great trip and we had a wonderful time taking full advantage of every single day in Vegas. Tons of walking (bring good shoes) and I even mastered the Craps table (which has always intimidated me) and won a bit of moola.

 I vote this best costume of the year! The dude from the movie Hangover who was chilling on Freemont St.

 This was our beautiful room, and you can't see here, but the drapes opened electronically...so cool.

                   Street view of our hotel: Aria                      The Mr. in front of some hotel I cannot remember :)

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