In a Pinch - Taking a frozen pizza to another level

What you need You don't need much...

-1 x "Casa Di Mama" deluxe frozen pizza
-1 x vine ripe tomato
-A drizzle of reduced balsamic vinegar
-Fresh grated parmesan and a bit of fresh basil (optional, if you want to get really crazy)

Step 1: Bake the frozen pizza according to the directions on the box. Slice up your tomato and drizzle it with your reduced balsamic. Top your cooked pizza with the tomato, fresh parmesan and basil if you have it. That is all.

If you have not yet discovered reduced balsamic vinegar, give it a try and thank me later ; )

Take all of the great taste of regular balsamic vinegar...and then reduce it (concentrating the flavours and sweetness) into a thicker, gooey liquid. It is amazing and readily available in most grocery stores.

You can even make your own at home (easily) by simmering some regular balsamic vinegar in a saucepan until it reduces and becomes thick enough that you can draw a line on the back of a coated spoon.

The one I used (shown in the picture above) is Nonna Pia`s rosemary flavoured balsamic reduction (Made in Whistler, BC!)

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