What have I gotten myself into...

This is where things get a bit scary...

We often are approached by different craft shows around town that would like us to display our magnets. I have always been thankful for their offer but have graciously declined as we are so busy just keeping up with our Etsy shop. Of course doing the show circuit might be an amazing opportunity, but let's be real here, I have a full time job... this is not my main work. Things can get a bit crazy and we are so very thankful for the success we have had on Etsy. First with our frames (an old venture), a jewellery hobby (that one was more for fun and I think I spent more than earned..haha) and then now our animal magnets. Etsy has enabled us to make a bit of side income and I am grateful, but sometimes you just don't have the spare time to include shows in the mix.

So you are wondering where the scary part fits in right? Well I sorta.. kinda.. agreed to do a show this upcoming weekend. You ask "How hard can this be"? For starters, you need to make sure you have an amaze balls booth. This means signage, props, A LOT OF STOCK, and an ability to accept credit cards. Wish me luck that this can all get pulled together in the next few days :) And as for the show.. it is a collaboration with our local Whole Foods. They are pretty much awesome in my books. Apparently Etsy and Whole Foods are doing a joint venture across North America, where they offer a few Etsy sellers a chance to sell their products during one weekend day and there are no table fees. How nice is that? The only thing is that I was contacted only last week so this is why it is a bit scary..lol.

Since I have been begging my better half to do shows for the last couple years.. I think it will actually be quite fun. Mostly, I am excited about decorating the table!!! Here are some quick inspiration ideas....

... and don't worry - I will be sure to post a pic of our finished table next week!

I like the painted boards - I think I will try painting magnet boards with a farm background for my animals to live on.
{image via here}

And what about the triangle banner.. super cute right? {image via here}

They have a great booth display. Not too colorful but they understand scale and proportion.
{Image via here}

For this one, I am in love with the bright pop of color in the table cloth. It needs some refining.. but a great idea.
{Image via here}

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