Celebration of Light - Photography from night 1

The Celebration of Light is an annual fireworks competition in Vancouver. Three nights, three countries, and countless oohs, ahhs, and explosions. Over 300,000 people gather at English Bay (and other areas nearby) to watch this amazing display of fire in the sky.

This is not your average fireworks show...far from it. Actually, my guess is that you have never seen a show quite like it. I beleive it is the biggest barge fireworks competition in the on the Planet. Each show is beautifully timed to music and lasts for apx 30 mins.

The Celebration of Light (formerly known as the Symphony of Fire) has been happening for the past 22 years and is truely a summer staple for all Vancouverites.

Here are some amazing photos from Night 1 (Vietnam - July 28th)

There are 2 shows left this summer...tonight (August 1st), and Saturday August 4th. Fireworks start at 10pm sharp.

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