Magic in a bottle: BB Cream

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I keep thinking about this product... which means it must be be something special.

Truth be told, I try a lot of products so when one repeatedly pops into your head.. well then you know it is good and worth buying.

A few months ago, in my Glymm box (your missing out if you don't get these), I received a mini pot of this magic cream. Honestly, I looked at the packaging and didn't give it a second look. It had a certain "dollar store" look and upon opening the lid, the color seemed waaaay to dark for my skin. Incidently, I had bought a friend a few months of the Glymm boxes and she texted about how she "absolutely loved the Magic Fini cream".

Hmmm. Well I definitely had to try it now.

And wow... you really should never judge a book by its cover. This foundation/BB cream is so soft and supple. It smooths over your skin and you can layer to get more coverage. Somehow it seems to work on everyones skin tone, even though it looks really dark in the pot. I have somewhat uneven skin and it seemed to just blend and vanish (in a good way) without catching up on any dry skin areas. In fact, as I was googling the product to find out where I could buy a full size pot, I came across a ton of amazing reviews claiming how good Magic Fini by M.Asam is.

This brand is from Germany and is based on the 'power of grapes' as they put it.

You can find it online to purchase at Cosmolane Boutique. It ships to Canada and is $38 for 30mL.

{via this blog}

{via this blog}

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