Fish Tacos

With the beautiful sunny weather that we have been getting lately in Vancouver, it feels like summer is pretty much here. When I think of food and summer I think of outdoor dining and fresh local ingredients...and one of the dishes that I start craving are FISH TACOS. They're easy to make and are much healthier than the battered, deep fried, and heavy sour cream laden ones you get in restaurants (but just as tasty).

The key is having your dressing and salsa fresca done first so when your fish is ready you can eat right away while it's still hot. I'll show you how easy they are...

What you'll need
Fresh fish (I like halibut)
Corn (or flour) tortillas
Undressed coleslaw (cut your own, or buy in a bag)
Ripe avocado
Salt & pepper

For the salsa fresca
White onion
Fresh squeezed lime juice

For the dressing
Plain 2% greek yogurt
Low salt taco seasoning
Fresh squeezed lime juice
Chipotle pepper in adobo (optional)
Low fat sour cream (optional)

1) Take your fish out of the fridge and let it sit on the counter to take the chill off in preparation of cooking.

2) Make your salsa fresca by finely dicing and combining some tomato, white onion, garlic, and cilantro. Add fresh squeezed lime juice, season with salt & pepper, and you're set. (Ratio of ingredients is up to your own taste). Also, cut up your avocado and set aside so it's ready to go when your fish is done and you start building your tacos. [TIP - to change the flavour profile completely try using a mango salsa in place of this tomato salsa fresca...both versions are delicious]

3) Make your dressing by combining a few good dollops of yogurt with a sprinkle of the taco seasoning, and a bit of fresh lime juice. To take it to another level add a bit of low fat sour cream and a minced chipotle pepper in adobo (Spicy! you can skip the pepper itself and just use the sauce if you don't want it too hot). Dress your coleslaw with enough of this so that it is lightly coated but not drenched. If you have left over dressing feel free to drizzle it directly on top of your tacos when you're building them as well.

4) Place a non stick skillet on medium heat and warm a bit of olive oil or coconut oil. Pat your fish dry, season with salt & pepper, and pan sear until cooked through (about 3-5 mins per side depending on the thickness of the fish). OPTIONAL: To add a bit of crunch to your fish, try crushing up some potato chips and rolling your fish in the crumbs before cooking them.

5) Warm your tortillas, pour yourself a beer or a refreshing crisp glass of white wine, build your tacos, enjoy! Serve with a side summer salad for a complete meal.

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