Yamaha P95 has become my obsession...and it hasn't even arrived yet.

Do you ever surprise yourself by being waaaay more excited about something then you expected to be? Truthfully, I am usually quite 'on par' with my emotions and thoughts...so I was really taken aback at the fact that I cannot stop thinking about the digital piano (keyboard) that I ordered a few days ago..haha. Here is why I am so extremely happy to have this electronic device by next weekend (only 7 more days...whoooooooo!): 
  • I never took lessons as a child/teen so my theory is since I was not forced to sit at the piano..I still have a bit of respect for it ;)
  • Once, many years ago, I stayed at my Aunt & Uncle's place in Alberta. I just remember waking up with my cousins and hearing this soft lovely sound floating up the stairs. What a beautiful way to wake up (and truthfully a lot different from the loudness I grew up with..lol) and it just seemed to special that she would play music for her four children. This beautiful Aunt has since passed on, but she left something wonderful in me and I yearn for the day when I can play for my own (future?) children.
  • Music is something I have always loved (as most people do!), and I played Saxophone in Grade 7 band (haha..I think I was trying to impress the boys and be different) and actually did attempt piano lessons for 3/4 of the year when I was 20 (my much younger sisters had home lessons so I joined in).
So that pretty much sums it up, but now that I actually took the steps to buy the piano, it has changed everything. I just can't stop thinking about the fact that I will be able to soon be pounding out the notes for Norah, Coldplay or Jewel AND singing along off-key. *Note: I do realize it might take a few weeks to actually play a song.*

The piano is a Yamaha P95 and I think the full 88 and weighted keys will be great to make it all a bit more realistic since we cannot actually fit a honkin' acoustic piano in our living room. The sound is really quite good too and I found this awesome deal on Amazon.com & at Kraft Music that included the stand, bench, 3 pedals, etc. I did hours and hours of online review reading and even tried the other comparitive models in store. It is so important to that also, as some people have strong preferences with the keys/sounds and you can't really get an idea of that until you play one. The others that fell to the wayside were the Casio PX 130 (an amazing deal also) and Korg machine (hated the sound). As a side note, if you ever want a great deal on something (and you live in Vancouver)..ask me how to get things shipped to Package Express (and you don't even need a PO box). Otherwise, Tom Lee Music are very helpful and have wonderful customer service.

PS: So so so so excited (and yes..I realize that I am a bit of a geek).

PSS: We have been meaning to share some info with you guys on our side Alphabet Letters business..but keep running out of time. I wanted to show a bit about our process and also what inspires us! Look for it next week hopefully :)

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