Vintage lighting find in La Conner

Mary Davis Vintage Lighting in La Conner, Washington

The past weekend found us staying a couple of nights on Whidby Island. It definitely was a great, relaxing weekend and the rainy weather added to the westcoast atmosphere. On our way home, we stopped in this cute town called La Conner that is know for fields upon fields of colorful tulips in the Spring. Of course there were no tulip yet!! But the town was adorable and had a ton of little shops along the water. I also couldn't get over the fact that each of the stores were laid out beautifully and so well organized....even the antique and thrift stores. Really, have you ever been in an organized antique store? Everything was labelled, stating where it was found and things were grouped by color or categories. So!

Anyways, back to the best little shop of all which was this lighting store called Mary Davis Vintage Lighting. The store owner was incredibily friendly and he even ahd this adorable fluffly grey and white dog that sat behind a gate behind the counter. Apparently the shop used to be an old firehouse.

Everywhere I looked were these lighting fixtures that were SO unique and I can honestly say that I could take anything home and make it work. Some pieces looked they were from old New York hotels, while a few others definitely seemed very industrial and perhaps made by the owner. I noticed that he had an island work station behind the desk and was constantly tinkering around in his well organized baskets and compartments.

There were little vignettes set up on vintage tables and desks that featured not only the lighting, but also candles, pens, etc. I especially appreciated the section that displayed their twisted filament bulbs and painted bulbs (with switches) so you could turn them on and see the effect of each individual bulb. Whoever imagined and sets up the displays has an impeccable and creative sense of design. Somehow everything just works and if you are ever in the need to just go in and check it out!

This is somewhere that I will for sure be going back to again and again...and using their products to outfit future clients homes (or my own!). I promise you that you will not be disappointed and will find yourself loving everything they have on display :)

The shop owners work station behind the front counter

Who doesn't need a shop dog?

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