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We were finally able to finish decorating our Christmas tree! This year I was convinced that I wanted the tree to go up as soon as possible so I could enjoy it for a bit longer. Usually it goes up around December 15-18ish, but I figured if we started the weekend of November 26/27 then it would be up for ALL of December. Also, we were free that weekend and really.. having a free weekend around this time of the year is seldom seen. So, taking advantage of this, we put the tree up (yes it is fake as our building does not allow real!) and put all the lights on. This does tend to take a while as I am a bit obsessed and wrap each branch with my many, many strings of lights. It even occurred to me that it could be a fire hazard having so many lights hooked up to each other and then to one outlet....hahaha. Anyways, we put it up... and then I became EMBARRASED! Why do you ask? Because I looked out the window and realized that I could see no other trees and I also realized putting up a tree in November could be considered slightly

Since it was sorta late, we decided to continue the decorating fest the following night. Well, THAT definitely didn't happen. Of course we got waaaay to busy with all our letter photography frame orders and the tree was just finished a couple days ago...oops. But on the bright side (no pun intended), it still is considered a fine time to put up a tree, and not late by any means. Maybe this is the key, aim for ridicously Halloween...but it really ends up in December ;) Hopefully you enjoy my mix of quirky and pretty...
Purple 'Morning Star' as I call it & a really creepy HUGE Eagle ornament that my friends 2 year old absolutely loves...
Vintage looking A&W ornament from work and a manger scene
Quirky Mary? ornament and my spoiled kitty even has an ornament, Sponge Bob of course!

Side view and our topper!
Pretty and doesn't get better when those two things are combined ;)

This is my absolute fav..a lobster with a vintage antiqued glass inside with a frosted glass outer layer

And the spoiled brat cat who LOVES sitting underneath the warmth of the tree (while looking very pensive..haha)

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